7 Best Uses of Graphical Calculator

7 Best Uses of Graphical Calculator

More importantly, if you are not familiar with advanced mathematics, perhaps some of the use cases may be a far-fetched concept to understand. But then again, some are of which you can use in your manner of necessity.

Here are they:

1 – Algebraic Equations

Does the highlight (Algebra) ring a bell, or have you been a backseater in your class? Nonetheless, you can use a log graphing calculator to do the trick for solving algebraic equations, although it’s not highly recommended, especially for young students. Even so, to make the work process smoother and faster, you can use one. At schools, students are often encouraged to solve algebraic equations without calculators, as it boosts their mind visualizations. And yes, you can solve algebraic equations with simple steps in addition to simple math ability; add/subtract/multiply/divide, without using a calculator.

That being said, it’s also essential to teach the students to use of scientific calculator along with its buttons and functions.

2 – Geometry

After Algebra, the subsequent math concept is geometry. Concepts such as hyperbolic functions, types of angles, lines, and planes in a graph, and others, are essential basics of geometry. Working from a rough paper to a digital screen, a graphical calculator can be handy to do just that. For example, in a log graphing calculator, specifically with calc functions, you can master polar graphing, parametric graphing, and much more. The main reason behind using a standard scientific calculator is to make paperwork faster and more accurate. Let’s face it; human errors often occur in major calculations.

3 – Trigonometry

Next in typically advanced mathematics comes trigonometry. Too often, trigonometry makes high significance in the mathematics field. Since it strengthens more constructional work as of its applications. Apart from that, many of SAT’s problems include trigonometric concepts. And more importantly, no one can calculate values of trigonometric signs (sign theta, cos theta, etc.) without using a scientific calculator. Perhaps another one of the best use cases of graphical calculators.

4 – Engineering

To do engineering, you have to study advanced mathematics. And for advanced mathematics, graphing calculators are compulsory. In any field of study, engineering is highly hinged on involving graphing or advanced mathematics courses. Additionally, today’s graphing calculators have advanced significantly, involving more and more functions to cater to mathematical problems. On the bright side, even some of the advanced ones include periodic table elements in addition to atomic masses and atomic numbers, I know that’s quite handy and a must-have.

5 – Computer Programming

When I say computer science or computer programming is the field of mathematician experts, it’s pretty intelligible and displays more graphing courses related to this field. However, as I discussed earlier, things should be kept divided and only used for their featured task to have a more focused studying or experimenting environment. Thus, having a scientific calculator would eventually keep you more focused on your graphing or mathematical problems. This, too, for many programmers, can be handy. Know that programming means algorithms, and devising algorithms requires precise estimation, which can be done a scientific calculator. More than that, having a graphing calculator, even if you have a computer, makes you more productive and focused.

6 – Finance

Simply put, Finance can’t be accomplished without Statistics, Percentages, and Figures, and scientific calculators can’t attain that. Generally, many tools help you automate and calculate interests and financial calculations, but nothing is a portable and handy tool like such log graphical calculators. Additionally, having a sci-calc aside helps solve complex numeric and graphic problems in seconds. More, you can use similar apps to solve financial problems, but then again, they are entirely dependent on the phone’s battery, performance, and above all, the internet. Therefore, there is no handy and pocket-sized figure and graph estimator than graphing calculators.

7 – Statistics

One of the popular fields related to mathematics is Statistics. Not to mention Statistics is widely used to forecast data and predict outcomes. This burdensome concept is being consumed by almost any sort of organization, be it government agencies, business fields, weather forecast firms, healthcare, and many others. Seemingly, log graphing calculators helps solve statistical equations to a greater extent. Statistics is another handy use case that sci-calcs can easily cater to. Aside from the use cases that we’ve mentioned in this blog, this is perhaps the most useful one to crack statistical plotting in addition to random number generation. Above all, to master each of the best uses as discussed, you’ll probably need a LOG GRAPHICAL CALCULATOR.

Sci-fi Calculators for Success

To sum up, as far as the number of use cases is concerned, we’ve only scratched the surface of it as they are plenty, although the discussed ones are the main ones. While doing statical research, these sci-fi calculators come in very handy. And choosing one can be a pickle since there are many models in the market. Moreover, they come in various models and specifications such as new/old, more-featured/less-featured, display-wise, quality-wise, and many others. Thus, before buying one, you have to do your research about what kind you’re looking for based on your needs.

Recently, many upgrades have been made to these leading-edge calculators. So perhaps knowing about them online would intrigue your desire to buy one.

Besides that, a larger scope of use in such a tool is imminent, and perhaps it’s the future. To participate in the upcoming trend, we should make a highly advanced mobile app that would work the same as log graphing calculators. Let’s face it, having a sci-calc-based mobile app is better than having a whole device for that; it is pretty much exhaustive. Thus, you should consider making an app with all the graph plotting abilities.

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