Is A Scientific Calculator The Same As A Graphing Calculator – Check Now

Is A Scientific Calculator The Same As A Graphing Calculator – Check Now

From a young age, we learn about maths and begin by doing essential addition and subtraction. As we progress, we start using calculators commonly used throughout our education. One type of calculator is the 4-function calculator, which is excellent for simple arithmetic like calculating expenses and budgeting.

Today we will focus on two more types of calculators – scientific and graphing – as you progress.

Scientific Calculator 

The scientific calculator is helpful for high school students studying algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. The most popular brand for scientific calculators is Texas Instruments.

Graphing Calculator

The graphing calculator is designed for performing complex mathematical functions such as logarithms and graph plotting. It is most appropriate for college students enrolled in higher-level maths courses.

Are Scientific Calculators The Same As Graphing Calculators?

Let’s address a common question we often receive from students: “Are scientific and graphing calculators the same thing?” It’s important to note that these two types of calculators differ.

Not all scientific calculators are graphing calculators, but a graphing calculator is a specific type of scientific calculator. Here are some points to help clarify this difference.

  • Scientific calculators are more suitable for solving certain polynomials and equations while graphing calculators are better for 3D and conic calculations.
  • Graphing calculators can solve and graph complex statistical calculations, whereas scientific calculators have limited ability in this regard.
  • Programming can be enhanced by using graphing calculators.
  • Graphing calculators have a high screen resolution, and some models have colour functions that facilitate graph plotting.
  • Graphing calculators can be expensive compared to scientific calculators, which are more affordable.
  • Scientific calculators usually have less storage memory compared to graphing calculators.

Scientific Calculators vs. Graphing Calculators – Which One Should You Buy?

The type of calculator you should buy depends on what functions you need. Use a graphing calculator if you need advanced statistics, graphs, and conics. However, a scientific calculator will suffice if you only need trigonometry and geometry functions.


We understand that choosing the right calculator for problem-solving can be a complex task. We hope our article helps you in making an informed decision. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some users are asking whether scientific calculators and graphing calculators are the same.

Q. What Makes A Calculator A Scientific Calculator? 

Ans. A calculator that can assist with trigonometry, science, geometry, and engineering problems is classified as a scientific calculator.

Q. Is A Scientific Calculator the Same As A Financial Calculator?

Ans. Scientific calculators are intended for mathematics students, while financial calculators are designed for individuals dealing with monetary matters.

Q. Is Casio Or Texas Instruments Better?

Ans. Both calculators are good options, but if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you should choose Casio.

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