sell my graphing calculator? How Does the Process Work? 

Calcsforcash is the best platform to sell graphing calculatorsPlease find the Calculator you want to trade and click the “sell” button. Once you complete the previous step, you’ll receive an instant price quote from us. Then, you can choose between payment options – check or Paypal. We cover the shipping costs and give you a complimentary pre-paid mailing label. Calculators must be in sufficient condition. The Calculator should be free of noticeable cosmetic flaws and function properly when turned on. We will issue payment for your Calculator within two business days after we receive it from the post office. To receive compensation quickly, ensure that you select PayPal as your preferred payment method. 

How should you Ship? 

After you check out, you will receive a free pre-paid label you need to print. Use this label to ship your Calculator to us. Pack it in a padded envelope or box before applying the tag.

3 Easy Steps to Earn Cash Back


1. Quote

Get an instant quote on your calculator


2. Ship

Print your free, trackable, pre-paid label and ship your calculator to us


3. Get Paid

Receive payment within 2 business days of package arrival

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